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rocking horses guide




Rocking horse making is a traditional UK craft and Britain is the home of hand made wooden rocking horses. Wonderful wooden rocking horses are hand made in the UK by the finest rocking horse makers and traditional craftsmen. The craft requires skills which combine traditional cabinet making with the very different skill of the carver. Even today, carving is not some automated process on a carving machine; it remains the province of the carver with his mallet and gouge.

Another traditional English rocking horse maker, National Rocking Horse UK, which also offers rocking horse restoration has now joined one of the world's leading rocking horse specialists, The Kensington Rocking Horse Company. Rockinghorses by Kensington Rocking Horses, whose craftsmen are regarded by many as the best rocking horse makers in the world and who carve wooden English rocking horses of style, elegance and beauty. For more details on this stable and the range of beautiful rocking horses now available, please visit:

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Traditional rocking horses are usually individually handmade to order for the customer on a bespoke basis. This allows the rocking horse buyer to choose the style, features and finish of his or her rocking horse. These might include the colour and style of tack, the type of wood, the finish and the colour of mane and tail. Dappling can be done in a number of variations. However, most English rocking horse makers do not have a selection of rocking horses available quickly. So, given that the interest in and demand for quality rocking horses peaks at certain times of year, the rocking horse buyer may find it difficult to find a choice of rocking horses available to buy from stock or at short notice. This is addressed by:

UK rocking horse restoration

which specialises in rocking horses at short notice for those with a deadline. The scheme always aims to provide the right rocking horse, not just any rocking horse.



Those in search of smaller rockinghorses for more everyday use by younger children will find that the above links will lead you to details of some excellent wooden rocking horses, including the super little one which was voted "Europe's best rocking horse".

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rocking horse guide

German rocking horse buyers could visit Schaukelpferd

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