rocking horse guide

rocking horse guide




This rocking horse guide provides information about rocking horse making in the UK and about British rocking horse makers. The traditional-style rocking horses features on these pages are hand-crafted from mature timber, usually by small family businesses, and always with pride in workmanship and service.  All of the rocking horses for sale are individually carved. They are not mass-produced on a production line. Each rocking horse is realistically carved and carefully constructed to provide years of pleasure to both children and adults. Each horse is unique and is likely to become a family heirloom.



The rocking horses are constructed from the finest quality hardwood timbers from sustainable sources and real horsehair mane and tails are normally used. The paints used to finish the horse comply with EU toy safety regulations. All the leather tack is hand made and is of the highest quality. Real glass eyes are employed and only the best top quality brass is used on the swing iron brackets and stirrups.

The horses can be made with Georgian bow rockers. These are often preferred for ornamental purposes, but are often considered to be impractical in everyday use, as they 'travel' along the floor and can trap tiny fingers under the rockers. This, and the space saving which resulted, were the prime reasons for the introduction of the swing iron safety stand over a hundred years ago.

As a safety precaution, all children near riding rocking horses should be supervised by a responsible adult.




The rocking horse is a timeless classic of childhood, which has thrilled countless children over many generations since it first became a children's plaything during the mid-Victorian era in the 19th Century.

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